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Near the Lac de Carcès in the Var stands the Bastide of the Domaine, in the ancient lands of the Cistercian Abbey of Thoronet, rich with history and the search for perfection.
Under the benevolent regard of towering yews and pines, the vines of ESPRIT DU LAC and RESTANQUES DU LAC spread their green carpet in the heart of Provence, some 300 meters above sea level. Here run sumptuous rivers of vines, bordered by dry-stone walls - the Syrah, the Cinsault, the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Grenache, the Carignan, the Rolle.....

The wines of the DOMAINES DU LAC, owned by FRANÇOIS-XAVIER et MARIE-LAURENCE MORA, are raised at Carcès with the greatest care and attention, promising pleasures that embody all the summertime felicities of Provence...

Management of these 17 hectares of vines has been carefully planned for the past ten years. The soil here is chalky clay, on which grapes mature very slowly, with an acidity that plays in favour of the structure and variations in night and day temperatures, both summer and winter, encourage and amplify the exceptional structure of the wine. The traditional methods observed by the wine growers leave the vine its own 
natural defences, developed through an intimate relationship with its environment. Yields are low, at 31 hectolitres per hectare, allowing the vine to husband its strength and perfect its character.. The hand of man in delicate alliance with nature...
The grapes are picked, gently, gathered early in the morning, plot by plot, to isolate and emphasise each nuance of the palette of aromas that this grape varieties and terroir offer.
In the shadowy wine cellars the oenologue begins his labour of love, the alchemy of transmutation that will resuit in 'ESPRIT DU LAC's, aromatic expression of pure minerality, and emphasise the impetuosity of RESTANQUES DU LAC with its mouth-watering freshness.
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